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Hello, I am Claire Agius Conti a mother of 2 lovely energetic children. I love all sport in general and when I was young I was introduced to Netball at school. When grown up continued until I participated 3 times in the National Netball team which where held in Scotland and Malta. Now I am coaching my Netball team and a runner apart from focusing on my personal development and done courses on personal coaching and being licensed too.

At the age of 33, I had my first child, a daughter. I stopped from my work to dedicate my time to her and 3 years later I had my second child, a boy and there I reached 110 kg of weight. I went to several nutritionists and tried several diets, but it was always the same, losing 10 kgs. in 2/3 months and a few months later when I stopped my diet I gained again all the weight lost. My problem was that it was a diet and I was like a yo-yo with my weight and lifestyle.

At the age of 40, I was fed up with my weight and I was introduced to Herbalife Nutrition. At first, I was sceptic but I decided to give it a shot. I used Herbalife meals just for breakfast since I like healthy food.  In the first month, I lost 4 kgs. and it was amazing.  I changed my breakfast began to drink aloe and herbal tea and ate healthy during the day plus attending the FREE fitness classes that our community was organizing.

In that first month when my husband saw my results even he changed his breakfast and lost 12 Kgs in 3 months and even my friends began asking me what I was doing, and they began too with my breakfast.  They began to attend our fitness classes and were amazed by their results.

My own experience inspired me to help others. If you feel tired, bloated, wish to lose some weight, looking for friends, tone or even wish to earn some extra cash to help others you are welcome to contact me and I will guide you.

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